Products Introduction


Laminated Bag

The material of this bag is made of multi-layer material which is bonded to the packaging laminate. This bag is in line with food-grade testing. It is moisture-proof, leak-proof, UV-proof, odor-proof, etc. We use different materials to produce a specialized bag for the customer’s product depending on the needs of customer’s products. Thus, the customized bag preserves freshness, quality, and multiple protection effect of the product. This bag is applied broadly in food packaging and other usages. They are available in a variety of styles, such as adhesive laminated bags, laminated slider bags, laminated Ziplock bags, laminated stand-up bags, bottom gusset lamination bag, pure aluminum laminated bags, etc. Different customization needs could be applied to laminated bags. In addition, the material can be printed in multiple colors with high accuracy and can be matched with different accessories.