Products Introduction


Laminated Bag

The material of this bag is made of multi-layer material which is bonded to the packaging laminate. This bag is moisture-proof, leak-proof, UV-proof, odor-proof, anti-static, etc. We apply different materials for different applications of our customers' products, so that the protection, quality, and superiority of the products could be preserved. This bag is used for clothes packaging, industrial packaging, electronic products packaging, etc. This type of bags are divided into adhesive laminated bag with bottom gusset, composite slider bags, composite Ziplock bags, laminated stand-up bags, laminated organ bags, pure aluminium laminated bags, aluminium-plated bags, etc. Our company provides different types of packaging bags, which can be customized according to customers' needs. In addition, the above materials can be printed in multiple colors with high precision, and can be matched with different accessories.